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Hope is real at Brevard Heart Foundation

Brevard county, Florida’s Space Coast, is in need of dedicated, qualified healthcare professionals, an integral part of any community. How do we nurture young professionals and students, guide them towards rewarding careers and meet that need? How do we both attract and retain future medical practicioners?

At the same time, many in our community are struggling to make ends meet, working jobs with little room for growth. Is it possible to provide a hand up to deserving, caring individuals that sets them on a career path in heathcare?

Brevard Heart Foundation has been asking these questions for the past 58 years and continues to innovate with our latest solutions to these problems, in the form of unique scholarship opportunities.

Partnering with groups that identify people in need, like Brevard Women’s Center and education partners, including Eastern Florida State College, our scholarship programs create a career path, not just a job. At the same time we meet community needs in healthcare.

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Transition Scholarship

Partnering with other local organizations, we identify underprivileged individuals that have the drive to improve their station in life, but who may need a “hand up”. Brevard Heart Foundation is providing full tuition scholarships through the Eastern Florida State College Certified Nursing Assistant program, quickly positioning these individuals to begin a new career path in healthcare that will better provide for them and their families—while they take care of ours.


Explore our full tuition scholarship program that creates a career path in healthcare.


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