Local Initiatives

In our efforts to support and improve quality healthcare in our community, Brevard Heart Foundation proudly supports local healthcare initiatives. Home to a thriving healthcare community, the Space Coast provides opportunities to support our diverse and growing population, with programs and initiatives for children, veterans, mothers, elderly residents, and many others.

Do you know of an initiative related to healthcare that could use our support?
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Health First Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)

Frontline caregivers in Brevard County are often not leaving the clinical floor as they have seen an influx of patients over the past year, and this constant care has taken a mental and physical toll. Many of them are choosing to stay at their patients’ side and skipping meals to provide exceptional care, but we know how important it is that these caregivers also have community support. With our roots being in cardiovascular care, Brevard Heart Foundation was thrilled to be able to support the healthcare professionals at Health First’s Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit and support all 60 professionals serving in that department.